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Every product has its origin

About Rasterr

Every product has its origin. Someone tries to find a solution for a problem, and this results in a product or service. Over time, this product evolves. The world changes, the need changes, and the product changes with them.

Lockers Divers Antraciet

Safe storage

Take a locker, for instance. Designed as a solution for the safe storage of personal items. It's literally a closet with a lock. No matter how convenient, though, the locker eventually caused “issues”. Just a few examples: the ever-present mess in the lockers, undesirable and, sometimes, unsafe items brought to public spaces, unhygienic situations and a lack of ventilation to air shoes and clothes.

Niké Creatief RASTERR154 overrasterr

The Locker evolution

This makes for the perfect opportunity to find out how a product can be taken to the next level. How to develop a product in such a way that it offers a solution for a contemporary problem. How to evolve the product so it offers a solution for the arising problems while keeping the essence of the product intact.

Robust storage solutions

And this is how RASTERR was born: an open storage solution for come & go areas. The robust RASTERR is the ideal solution for the abovementioned problems. The storage solutions have an open design, making it possible to monitor the contents of the locker. They are made of metal, and therefore virtually indestructible. They can be locked with any kind of lock system, allowing you to safely store all your personal items. Last but not least: they offer optimal, natural ventilation. That's not just great for the clothes, but also benefits the environment.

Niké Creatief RASTERR046 lowres

A flexible partner

RASTERR is highly flexible; whether you need a ventilating storage solution that doesn't need to be locked or a vandal-proof storage solution for valuable items that benefits public safety, the possibilities are endless. Both the design and manufacturing process take place in our own factory. This allows us to be flexible, and we like that. We understand better than anyone that each situation and target market requires its own solution.

Quality and sustainability

We are committed to quality. A high-quality product lasts longer, and is therefore by definition sustainable. If you go for a RASTERR, you go for a long-term solution. That's because these storage solutions are made of solid metal.

Curious about the possibilities?

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