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Put on the suit and boots, grab the helmet and off we go

Fire Brigade

Hardly anywhere do things need to be available so quickly, as at a fire station. Within 8 minutes on site...

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Ventilation is a skill

The fire alarm is ringing. Everyone gets ready. Put on the suit and boots, grab the helmet and off we go. In other words, in a fire brigade department, it is highly important that the equipment is easy to access. At the same time, the equipment is personal, so it would be best if it could be stored in your own locker. A special fire brigade locker.

Where there's fire, there's water. The suits will definitely get humid, not to mention any released gases. Proper ventilation is an absolute must. The lockers need to be sturdy, too. In that one split second, there's no time for subtlety...

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Special fire brigade lockers

RASTERR is therefore presenting special fire brigade lockers. That is to say, we are presenting open storage solutions for come & go areas, like fire brigade dressing rooms. And we can make these storage solutions any way you prefer. By now, we have already delivered RASTERRS to various fire brigade stations; these are generally personalized lockers with compartments for boots and helmets. They often come without doors or locks, but they always ventilate properly and are always rock solid.

RASTERR on your fire station?

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of RASTERR for fire brigade stations? Feel free to contact us for non-binding information. Would you prefer to rent? This is possible, too.