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Also known as Gaaslocker.nl


Gaaslocker.nl is a trading company of RASTERR. We produce the best mesh lockers in the Netherlands.

The benefit of a mesh locker is the open design, which means stored items can be aired naturally...

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The golf lockers consist of 2 side frames connected by doors, frames and rear panels. The top and bottom lockers are separated by a 15mm concrete forming plywood board. The bottom locker is equipped with a strip threshold, which means trolleys can easily be rolled into it.

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Flexible sizes

RASTERR produces mesh lockers. The benefit of a mesh locker is the open design, which means stored items can be aired naturally. This makes mesh lockers highly suitable for the sports sector.

Mesh lockers are suitable for any type of storage. Our mesh lockers are highly suitable for storing sports equipment and personal items. We carry a few basic sizes, but, thanks to the flexible dimensions, practically any size is available. Our mesh lockers are made of high-quality components and can be finished in any color. The tube diameter is 25mm, the wire diameter 4mm, and the mesh size is 50mm by default.

Hockey lockers

The RASTERR mesh lockers can be used to safely store hockey equipment and accessories. The hockey lockers can be built in any preferred composition and, thanks to the smart design, assembly is very straightforward.

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Beautiful appearance

You pick the color. If necessary, we can give the mesh lockers your club colors. It's all possible. The lockers have a beautiful appearance and are exceptionally durable. In other words: safe storage is guaranteed.

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Lock systems and accessories

Our lockers can be equipped with almost any lock system, such as a key, padlock, combination lock or a digital solution. We can also easily make provisions for an electric connection, a compartment, a rod for coat hangers or a private locker. Based on your specific demands, we will compile the perfect RASTERR together.

More information?

Looking for rock-solid golf lockers, hockey lockers or ball cupboards? RASTERR is the place to go. Contact Ton van der Kaap for more information!