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A save haven for students and pupils


A college or university should be a safe haven. A place where pupils and students are comfortable...

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Onveilige situaties

Helaas komen het bezit en (overmatig) gebruik van alcohol, drugs en wapens ook op deze plekken voor. Dit heeft impact op de veiligheid. Sterker nog, ze hebben ook nog eens een negatief effect op elkaar. Alcohol en drugs werken drempelverlagend bij geweld: ze vergroten de kans erop en maken dat een situatie eerder uit de hand loopt.

Prohibited substances

It's a place to meet peers, to get to know each other and, above all, to learn and study. Unfortunately, the possession and (excessive) consumption of alcohol, drugs and weapons is a problem even in these areas. This has an impact on safety. Moreover, it has a negative impact on others. Alcohol and drugs lower the threshold for violence: they increase the risk of violence and lead to rapid escalation.

Clear policy

Lots of schools have a clear policy when it comes to alcohol, drugs and weapons: they are prohibited. But how do you prevent students from bringing these items to school anyway? Or how do you monitor this, at the very least? These items are often stored in students’ personal lockers. Often, these lockers are completely closed and opaque, making it impossible to monitor their contents.

Storage 2.0

Say hello to the RASTERR. This open storage solution is transparent and offers a solution for these situations, as it allows for the monitoring of the lockers’ contents. Good to know: we keep the mesh narrow, so it's impossible to remove anything from the locker without unlocking it. It is also possible to add a small, private space that is fully enclosed. In both cases, you can safely store your valuable items in a RASTERR.

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Flexible charging

Do you want to allow students or pupils to safely charge their phones or laptops? We are happy to equip the RASTERR with a cutout for a power outlet. That way, the old empty battery “excuse” will be a thing of the past.

University Twente
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More information about the possibilities?

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