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allow lab coats to ventilate well

Pharmaceutical sector

Lab coats. They're commonly used in laboratories and get into contact with all sorts of chemicals...

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Niké Creatief RASTERR165 samenstellen afmeting lowres

Ventilation in the lab

In other words, these coats need to be stored in an “open space”, so they can air and breathe. Of course, it would be hygienic if every employee would be able to wear his own suit after the break. A personalized locker is, therefore, highly desirable in a pharmacy or laboratory.

Our storage solutions are highly suitable for this. Thanks to the mesh frame, they are open, which means they offer ventilation. If necessary, the solution can be equipped with a door and/or lock. That way, everybody has their own locker. If you go for a storage solution with a lock, your employees will also be able to store valuable items.

More information?

An added benefit of the open design of the locker? You'll instantly be able to spot people who make a mess. Would you like to know more about the possibilities of RASTERR? Feel free to contact us for non-binding information. Would you prefer to rent? This is possible, too.