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Go for efficiency on the construction site


Dragging tools around, lots of dirty or moist work clothes and too little safe storage space...

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Increase productivity

These are daily issues at almost all construction sites. And that's a shame, as it means a lot of time is wasted on moving people and materials around. In an environment that’s all about efficiency, this is highly inconvenient, to say the least.

With RASTERRS on your construction site, dragging tools to and from vans will be a thing of the past. The craftsman will be able to safely store them in a RASTERR instead. That way, productivity will be increased right away. Wet tools and moist work clothes can also be stored neatly. A single night of proper ventilation, and the hard workers can get back on the job the day after.

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More info?

Are the words flexibility, safety and organization music to your ears? Feel free to contact us for non-binding information on the options of renting a RASTERR.