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Transparent, safe and ventilating

open storage solutions for come & go areas

We develop and produce open storage solutions for come & go areas. The open storage solution offers two key benefits: transparency and ventilation.

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Thanks to the open mesh frame, the lockers are transparent, which means the contents remain visible. And in a robust RASTERR, those contents can be stored safely.

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Experience the difference


A unique property of the RASTERR is its open design. We use special mesh profiles made of steel. This results in optimal air flow, meaning any contents can properly dry/air.


We like calling our products robust RASTERRS, and for good reason. All storage solutions are made of steel and are carefully welded by our welding heroes. In other words; they offer maximum stability and capacity and are virtually indestructible. A special steel alloy can be applied for use in really rough sectors.


Every environment, no matter if it is a university, factory, construction site, healthcare institution or gym, has its own wishes and requirements. We offer plenty of possibilities and options when compiling a RASTERR. That way, we are always able to meet the specific needs of each space and target market.

Own production

RASTERR is a manufacturer of and specialist in open storage solutions. All our products are manufactured in our factory in the Netherlands. This allows us to communicate quickly, offers a wealth of options and allows us to offer excellent support throughout the process, from design to assembly.

Configure your ideal RASTERR


You pick the size, we make the RASTERR.

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The Dutch manufacturer RASTERR develops and produces open storage solutions for come & go areas. Our open storage solution offers two key benefits: transparency and ventilation. We understand more than anyone that every situation requires a different solution. That is why we offer a variety of options for our storage solutions; that way, RASTERR products are always optimally functional and can be applied in a wide range of sectors. On top of that, we develop and produce our products in-house, which means we are also a flexible partner.