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RASTERR op de waddeneilanden

Golfclub De Texelse

Our RASTERRS can now be found on the Wadden Islands. At Golfbaan De Texelse, to be precise. They were looking for solid, high-quality golf lockers with a clean finish so the members of their club could store their trolleys. It was up to us to make this happen.

Golfclub De Texelse Texel Gaaslockers


We can't stress it enough. Ventilation is one of the key USPs of our product. Since the lockers are made of mesh, they allow for natural ventilation. Alternative solutions cannot contend with this. Ventilation is a common requirement for lockers in the golf sector. Golf is played on a wet course which makes it problematic to leave the equipment in an enclosed space. We placed two 600x600x600 lockers on top of each other, which we then connected. They are modular, so they can be expanded later if necessary.

Golfclub De Texelse Texel Gaaslockers
Lockers voor golf Golfbaan De Texelse
Gaaslockers Golfclub de Texelse

Golfbaan De Texelse

Links courses, like Golfbaan De Texelse, are often compared to the traditional courses in Scotland and Ireland. This is one of the few dune courses in the Netherlands with a unique, rugged character. The constant wind adds an extra challenge to every hole. In other words: a must-try for every golfer!