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Clean lockers in the changing room


If you work an assembly line or have to weld metal, you don't have room for your breadbox, fruit, house keys and mobile phone.

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Transparent storage solution

In short, a production company needs a personal storage space. Standard, closed lockers are often used in these locations. However, this has several disadvantages. For example, the contents cannot be aired in a closed locker. It's not really hygienic, to say the least, if employees decide to leave their work shoes in their locker after a hard day's work. On top of that, employees often leave junk in lockers, as well as undesirable items that are not suitable for the workplace.

Rock-solid solution

RASTERR can offer a solution for the abovementioned issues. This storage solution is made of metal and can be locked with a lock system of your preference. In other words, personal items can be safely stored in these lockers. Because of their open design, the contents can be monitored at a glance. This creates a threshold for employees to bring their unwanted and/or banned items to work and results in a stronger sense of duty to keep lockers neat and tidy. On top of that, it allows for ventilation. No more unpleasant smells.

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More information?

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