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Ventilation is key in this humid environment

Public Swimming pools

Water, high humidity and lots of items to store. That's right, we're talking about a swimming pool...

Locker Compact Zwembad

Tidy storage

At this public space lockers are crucial: a lockable space where you can safely store your personal items. On top of that, ventilation is key in this humid environment. The RASTERR has an open design, making it breathable. The ideal circumstances for proper ventilation.

Ever walked through the dressing rooms of a public pool after closing time? You won't believe it, but people regularly leave things in the lockers. From smelly shoes to opened bags of chips. These things happen, of course, but it's not really hygienic. Especially if they stay in the lockers for multiple days. The RASTERR is transparent, making it a very easy-to-monitor storage solution. The custodian will be able to see if all lockers are empty at a glance.

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Various lock systems

When it comes to locks, there are various options: padlocks, keys, PIN codes, RFID locks or a phone app. You name it. Depending on your wishes, we decide which lock system is most suitable.


RASTERR is a Dutch producer of rock-solid storage solutions: transparent, safe and virtually indestructible. The RASTERR is highly versatile. In addition to swimming pools, it can also be used in schools, industrial buildings or even at construction sites.

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More information?

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of a RASTERR? Feel free to contact us for non-binding information. Would you prefer to rent? This is possible, too.